First Aid

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What is first aid?

Prior to the arrival of trained medical assistance, it is the first medical response given.

The main objectives of first aid are to maintain life, stop the condition from getting worse, and encourage recovery.

Anyone, including those without medical training, can perform a variety of first aid techniques and treatments.

It comprises fundamental abilities like situation assessment, CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), haemorrhage control, fracture immobilisation, burn treatment, and handling other medical situations including choking, allergic reactions, or seizures. (How to boost immune system)

The primary goals of first aid are:

Preserve life:

Making sure the person is secure and comfortable comes first.

This can entail performing CPR, getting them out of a hazardous situation, or giving them aid to keep their essential organs functioning.

Prevent more harm:

Measures are done to stop the condition from getting worse or from resulting in more injuries.

This may entail stopping bleeding, immobilising wounded limbs, or stabilising fractures.

Promote healing:

The goal of first aid is to reduce suffering and complications.

It entails tasks like cleaning and bandaging wounds, using ice packs to minimise swelling, or offering the proper support up until the arrival of qualified medical assistance. (vitamins)


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