Types of Vitamin B, Deficiency & Resources

Types of Vitamin B, Deficiency & Resources

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Many of us might be facing vitamin deficiency that we might not even know of.

Vitamin deficiency can be the root of many if our hospitalization expenses which could be easily rid by having healthy food.

The vitamins B play a crucial role in keeping you energized and maintaining your cell health. Types of Vitamin B, Deficiency & Resources

Types of Vitamin B

1.Vitamin B1 and B2

B1 helps with neurological benefits, B2 aids in maintaining proper eyesight

2.Vitamin B3

It helps with healthy appetite, proper digestion, and is necessary for the development of cell

3.Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 helps in supporting our immune system and help fighting our body from infections

4.Vitamin B9

It sustains the growth of RBCs and reduces risks of birth defects while consumed during pregnancy

5.Vitamin B12

Vit B12 helps in regulating our nervous system.

6.Vitamin B Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamin B deficiency symptoms vary according to lack of different types of vitamin B.

7.Vitamin B3 Deficiency Symptoms

The signs of B3 deficiency are difficult to detect.

However, during a severe deficiency case the condition is known as pellagra whose symptoms are:

Brightly red tongue

Diarrhea or constipation

Aggressive, suicidal behaviour or paranoia


Rough skin that can turn brown or red while in sun

8.Vitamin B6 Deficiency Symptoms


Oral ulcers and inflammation of mouth

Numbness or tingling of feet and hands

Chapped lips, crack and soreness at the sides of mouth

Depression, confusion and irritability

9.Vitamin B9 Deficiency Symptoms


Increased risks of birth defects in pregnancy

Mood changes like irritability and forgetfulness

Diarrhea and sore mouth

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms

There are several vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms among which the most distinct b12 deficiency symptoms are: Anemia

Numbness or tingling of feet and hands

Mood changes like agitation and mental confusion

Poor coordination of muscles and unsteadiness

Memory lapses

10.Vitamin B Food Resources

Since there are different types of vitamin B and each vitamin B source vary from one another, here are list of right food that provide you with vitamin B source and can cure any of the vitamin B deficiency symptoms: Meat (any red meat, fish, poultry)

Dark and leafy vegetables (like broccoli, kailan, spinach)

Fruits (avocados, citrus fruits, bananas)

Legumes (like lentils, beans)

Dairy products and eggs (milk, cheese)

11.Vitamin B12 Deficiency

The vit B12 is referred to as cobalamin.

They play a huge role in regulating our nervous system, and the growth and formation of RBCs.

The lack of vitamin b12 deficiency treatment can cause b12 deficiency due to which you may face disruption of the nervous system and in the circulatory system.

Vit b12 deficiency symptoms include fatigue and weakness.

Some of the vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms are weight loss and a loss of an appetite.

Vit b12 deficiency symptoms also include constipation.

Confusion and balance problems are also a sign of b12 deficiency symptoms.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Causes

There might be numerous reasons why you might be facing a b12 deficiency or showing b12 deficiency symptoms.

Vitamin b12 deficiency treatment is necessary if you have vitamin b12 deficiency which is why it is crucial buying health insurance plans.

B12 Deficiency Causes are as Follows

If you have atrophic gastritis where the lining of your stomach has thinned then you are likely to encounter b12 deficiency.

One of the main vitamin b12 deficiency causes is if you have pernicious anemia where your body is unable to absorb vit B12 sources.

Another B12 deficiency causes is if you have any immune system diseases like lupus or Graves’ disease.

B12 deficiency causes also include any conditions that can affect our small intestine.

12.Vitamin B12 Sources

There are a number of food sources, which you can consume as a vitamin b12 deficiency treatment to fill out the need for vit b12 in your body and boost immunity.

If you have any of the vitamin b12 deficiency causes or have.

To rid your body of vitamin b12 deficiency, you need to in take the following vit b12 sources: Beef liver




Nutritional yeast



Types of Vitamin B, Deficiency & Resources


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