What is yoga?

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Yoga is a holistic discipline that has its roots in historic India. It includes practises that are meant to enhance harmony and general well-being on a bodily, mental, and spiritual level. The Sanskrit word “yuj,” which meaning to connect or merge, is where the word “yoga” originates.

Yoga also involves a philosophical foundation and ethical standards.

The eight limbs of yoga are described in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, a key yoga scripture.

Every practise method has a different emphasis on various elements, such as fluid movements, exact alignment, breath control, or spiritual investigation.

Yoga is versatile and may be practised by people of different ages and fitness levels, it’s crucial to mention. Best 5 Hot Yoga and Benefits for Health

Yoga offers a flexible and enriching road to wellbeing, whether you’re looking for physical fitness, stress alleviation, spiritual development, or a combination of these.Why is yoga good for mental health?


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