kundalini yoga

why is kundalini yoga dangerous?

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Although many individuals find Kundalini yoga to be a transformative and beneficial practice, there are a few possible hazards and things to take into account. The actual activation of Kundalini energy is one of the primary issues. When this potent force is awakened, it can cause great spiritual, emotional, and bodily experiences. These experiences can be powerful and instructive, but for some people who may not be ready or have a strong support structure in place, they can also be overwhelming. It’s critical to approach Kundalini yoga with caution and under the instruction of a qualified teacher who can offer the right direction and support along the way. yoga with Adriene weight loss

1.Physical effort

Kundalini yoga requires challenging physical activities, such as quick movements, deep breathing, and holding positions for a long time. These exercises might result in physical strain or injury if not done properly or with the assistance of a trained instructor.

2.Effects on the mind

Kundalini awakening is frequently said to as a strong and profound experience. It may involve erratic states of awareness, powerful energy movements, and emotional release. These encounters can be overwhelming and sometimes destabilizing for people who are unprepared or lack sufficient direction.

3.Misinterpretation or misuse

According to some, kundalini energy rises through the body’s subtle energy pathways, known as Nadis, and can have a significant effect on one’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. It can result in imbalances, psychological difficulties, or unpleasant experiences if the practice is utilized carelessly or for selfish or egotistical ends.

4.Pre-existing conditions

People who are prone to injury when practicing vigorous physical and energy arts like Kundalini yoga include those who have heart problems, high blood pressure, epilepsy, or mental health concerns. Before engaging in such practices, you should get medical advice, especially if you have any underlying health issues.


It’s crucial to remember that, despite the fact that Kundalini yoga may have some hazards, many practitioners have found the practice to be both safe and transforming when conducted under the direction of a qualified professional and with respect for one’s own limitations. It is advised to learn Kundalini yoga from knowledgeable, experienced teachers who can offer appropriate direction and support along the trip. How To Boost Immune System?

kundalini yoga

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